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Woke up this morning and thought hmmmmm pancakes. Googled American pancakes and threw these together with Nutella and golden syrup over the top. 

1) sieve 100g self raising flour into a bowl, add a dessert spoon of caster sugar and a dessert spoon of oats.

2) beat in 1 egg, pouring in small amounts of milk til the mix is a gloopy consistency.

3) wipe a frying pan with oil and heat, but not too hot. Ladle in the batter, and flip when little bubbles form all over.

Makes 4, serve with gooey sugary things! 


  I whipped a batch of these up this morning in 15 mins. The leftover batter is in the fridge ready for tomorrow morning 😍

Whisk in a bowl:

2 small-medium mashed ripe bananas 

1 cup self raising flour

1/3 cup oats

1 dessert spoon chia seeds 

1 cup milk

1 egg 

I wipe a teeny bit of butter over the frying pan to stop them sticking. Flip over when you start to see little holes forming on top of the batter.

Serve up with blueberries, syrup, honey, Nutella, whatever you fancy. 

Happy Tuesday!

The inspiration for this meal came from Delicious.Magazine, and I was going to make turkey meatballs but Morrisons had run out of turkey mince last night. I’m trying to cut down on meat generally, so I thought I’d have a pop at some beanballs. I appreciate ‘veggie meatballs’ is an oxymoron but ‘beanballs’ just don’t sound that appetising… 

1) for the ‘meatballs’, whizz up a tin of rinsed kidney beans, 3 mushrooms and an egg in a blender.

2) scoop out and roll the sticky mess in breadcrumbs to form balls and place on a baking tray. Bake on 170 degrees C for 20 mins, turn halfway through.

3) on the hob, fry some garlic in a pan and pour in a tin of tomatoes. Swirl the tin out with some water and add to the pan. Simmer for a few mins and season.

4) place the ‘meatballs’ from the oven into the tomato pan and pop a lid on top.

5) cook polenta as per packet instructions – 4 parts liquid to 1 part polenta. I switched in 1 part for milk to make it creamier. Stir in spinach and Parmesan towards the end and serve.

Grate more Parmesan over the top because everyone loves Parmesan. When I was little I used to abuse the Parmesan shaker in Pizza Hut, I now wonder if that’s the reason they no longer put Parmesan on the tables in there. Sorry everyone.

Before you ask, this lovely mason jar came from Wilko and cost £1.50. I’m no hipster, but I saw it and thought it was pretty, not because all the foodies are using them! I’ve read about overnight oats and thought ‘what’s that about?’ since I have porridge almost every day for breakfast. 

Simply, this is 3/4 cup of oats, 1 small handful of chia seeds, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 drop vanilla essence and 1 cup milk. Mixed and left in the fridge overnight.

I have to say, I just couldn’t deal with it cold. It was super tasty, but it went straight in the microwave! Something about this needed to be warm – maybe it’s the Christmassy flavours, and the fact it’s the 22nd December.

Why just have a yoghurt for breakfast when you can put it in pancakes?! It is the weekend after all. I would have garnished these with fresh strawberries… but I polished off my punnet too quickly! Still just as tasty with blueberries.

1) in a bowl whisk up 1 cup plain flour, 1 egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 pot of activia strawberry yoghurt, 1/3 cup of milk.

2) wipe a frying pan with sunflower or veg oil using some kitchen roll – otherwise the pancakes just swim in oil.

3) use a ladle to pour the mixture into the frying pan. Flip after 15 secs once the batter looks cooked.

These would be great plated up with strawberries and cream… note to self: don’t eat all the strawberries when planning to make strawberry pancakes.

I’ve got a horrible cold. Last night I made my beef casserole and that cheered me up. Today I’m off work so wanted a yummy and healthy breakfast to try kick this snotty nose.

1) put 1 cup oats in a pan and pour over 1 cup semi skimmed milk.

2) stir on a medium heat for 5 mins or until thick/ at your desired consistency.

3) pour into a bowl and stir through 1 dessert spoon of vanilla yoghurt (I used alpro soya as a big pot was on offer!)

4) crush almonds on top and sprinkle over blueberries.

A very satisfying breakfast 🙂