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Ever had a Nakd bar? They’re lush aren’t they, and now I’m addicted, I’ve realised that they’re blooming pricey. I thought I’d have a crack at my own. They were a bit wet for bars, so I rolled them in cocoa powder and made them into truffles. 

1) in a blender mix up 1 packet of dates, a handful of mixed nuts and 2 dessert spoons of chia seeds (my bf got a 1kg bag wholesale for a tenner!).

2) spread out the mixture onto baking parchment in a baking tray and pop in the fridge.

3) after half hour, remove and cut into bars – and if they aren’t solid enough, like mine, roll into balls and with cocoa powder.

Keep in the fridge til you want to nibble one. I will suss the trick for making nakd bars – if you have a recipe let me know!


I baked this cake for a bake off. It’s the second big cake I’ve ever made and the first time I’ve made salted caramel sauce or used a piping bag. I surprised myself with how yummy it was. I came 2nd in the bake off, so I’m happy with that! I followed this Green & Blacks recipe for the cake, so I won’t rewrite it out here.

I used this recipe for the salted caramel sauce, of which I have a huge pot left so expect more recipes with that this week! I popped my own popcorn and whipped up the double cream mixing in the sauce as I went.

I took pics of the caramel making – it was rather violent and lumpy but the results were amazing so I recommend you have a go!

Here’s the sugar melting…

Here’s the sugar melted and the butter stirred in – that’s when it really spits at you. As you can see it formed a big clump on my wooden spoon!

Sprinkle in some salt and you have the perfect sauce!

You might think your pan is ruined but fear not, Twitter came to my rescue. Fellow food blogger Andrew suggested boiling water and washing up liquid in the pan. Which I did and it worked!  I was mega impressed with this tip, my pan came up good as new!  Here’s the cake after the cricket boys at the bake off scoffed it. I only missed out by one vote. Here’s to next time! Leftovers for breakfast…