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I was going to make brownies for a bake off last night but received an email from Delicious. Magazine yesterday morning containing this giant cookie. I thought it would make a nice change from cake. It went down very well, despite not winning the bake off. I used this recipe, but baked it for longer. I think my oven is a bit pants.

1) cream together 200g butter and 400g caster sugar.

2) whisk in 2 eggs. 

3) fold in 360g of plain flour and 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda.

4) mush in 3 chopped crunchie bars.

5) place mixture in a lined round baking tin – I had push it down with the back of my hand as the mixture is not soft!

6) bake on 140 degrees C for 50 mins, and then 160 degrees C for 10 mins. 

7) leave out of the oven to cool and gently peel off the baking parchment.

8) melt chocolate and drizzle over the top (eat the leftovers).

Serve warm if you can. It would be even better with ice cream. Mmm. 


The thing I learnt with mug cakes is that the photographs on Pinterest are all lies. Despite that, this mug cake was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try out a different flavour.

1) in a mug place 2 heaped dessert spoons of Nutella, 1 dessert spoon of cocoa powder and 1 small-med egg.

2) whisk til smooth.

3) place in the microwave for 70 seconds. 

Try to wait a few mins before diving in as it’s boiling! 

I’ve been hankering to try this avocado chocolate pudding/mousse thing ever since it became a thing. I looked at a few recipes and whipped up my own. My verdict is this: not convinced. So it didn’t taste like avocado, it did taste chocolatey and nice. But the whole time my head was screaming “YOU’RE EATING MUSHED AVOCADO!”. I didn’t get that blissfully satisfied feeling you get when you’ve got a full fat, full dairy, full sugar chocolate gooey joy melting on your tongue. When it comes to chocolate mousse, I’d argue you need the dairy and the fat and the sugar. If you’re going to be bad, then BE BAD. My leftover avocados will go in my avocado chocolate brownies next time. They were top notch.

1) put 1/2 avocado, 1 dessert spoon cocoa powder, 1 dash of milk, 1 dessert spoon of natural yoghurt, 1 sploodge of honey and a sprinkle of salt in the food processor and whizz.

2) spoon into a rammekin, leave in the fridge for half hour and you’re done.

I baked this cake for a bake off. It’s the second big cake I’ve ever made and the first time I’ve made salted caramel sauce or used a piping bag. I surprised myself with how yummy it was. I came 2nd in the bake off, so I’m happy with that! I followed this Green & Blacks recipe for the cake, so I won’t rewrite it out here.

I used this recipe for the salted caramel sauce, of which I have a huge pot left so expect more recipes with that this week! I popped my own popcorn and whipped up the double cream mixing in the sauce as I went.

I took pics of the caramel making – it was rather violent and lumpy but the results were amazing so I recommend you have a go!

Here’s the sugar melting…

Here’s the sugar melted and the butter stirred in – that’s when it really spits at you. As you can see it formed a big clump on my wooden spoon!

Sprinkle in some salt and you have the perfect sauce!

You might think your pan is ruined but fear not, Twitter came to my rescue. Fellow food blogger Andrew suggested boiling water and washing up liquid in the pan. Which I did and it worked!  I was mega impressed with this tip, my pan came up good as new!  Here’s the cake after the cricket boys at the bake off scoffed it. I only missed out by one vote. Here’s to next time! Leftovers for breakfast…

 After my lasagne last night I fancied something sweet and cool but kind of healthy. I always keep chopped banana in the freezer now for smoothies or ‘ice cream’.

1) chop your frozen banana into small pieces – this just makes it easier on your food processor.

2) whizz up for a few mins, scraping down the sides as you go (don’t forget to switch your processor off or you’ll lose a finger!).

3) once at smooth consistency add a teaspoon of cocoa powder, whizz for a minute until combined.

Spoon into a bowl and sprinkle over some chocolate chips. Feel good with your light ‘ice cream’! 

 Why just have an Oreo when you could bash it up and put it in a big cookie?! I’ve made Oreo muffins before, and I made toblerone brownies last night, so I fancied doing something a bit different with my Oreos. Put them in a big cookie. I’ve just had one for breakfast (it’s Saturday, it’s allowed).

I followed this BBC food recipe for vintage cookies but adjusted it to my needs. 

1) in a large bowl cream together 150g of butter and 160g of sugar (I used golden granulated).

2) beat in 1 egg and a drop of vanilla essence.

3) soft over 225g of plain flour and 1/3 teaspoon of bicarb of soda.

4) chop up 5 Oreo cookies and add to the mixture. Stir the mixture together. It’ll be quite sticky.
5) place mixture in 3cm blobs on a lined baking sheet.

6) bake for 20 mins on 180 degrees C. (The recipe said 10, but after 10 mine were not cooked!).

Gobble up as many as you like, I won’t judge 🙂


The great thing about this ice cream is that it has no cream in it. It’s also no-churn, you just chuck it all in a blender and whizz its socks off.

You’ll need 1 frozen banana – I chop mine into smaller pieces before going in the blender just to make it easier on my Kenwood (I’m rather precious about my blender..)

You’ll also need 1 tsp (or more!) of peanut butter and 1 small handful of chocolate chips. 

It takes a good few minutes for it to come together into an ‘ice cream’ consistency so be patient. You could eat it straight away but I popped mine in the freezer – I made it before work and it was perfect when I got home in the evening.

“Amazing”. That was the word used to describe these by my fella who never describes anything as amazing! I tried avocado cookies a while ago but if you’re baking with avocado, make these. They are sweet, moist and moorish. I followed this M&S recipe despite not having all of the ingredients required and they turned out top notch.

1) preheat the oven to 160 degrees C.

2) either in a Pyrex bowl over a pan of hot water, or in the microwave, melt 100g butter and 1 large bar of chocolate (mine was a 100g basics bar from Tesco!).

3) whisk up 100g granulated sugar, 50g of brown sugar and 3 eggs. Then whisk in 1 mushed up avocado.

4) mix the melted chocolate and butter into the sugar, egg and avocado mixture.

5) fold in 60g self raising flour.

6) transfer to a lined lasagne dish and bake for 25 mins.

Leave to cool before cutting into 12 pieces (or 6 if you want big ones!).

 These cupcakes were soooo good. I made them for my poorly other half, hopefully they’ll make him better. I followed this baking mad recipe but doubled it up to make 12 muffins. Also found the batter quite thick so it wasn’t so easy to marble them. Here’s what they looked like inside:

1) cream together 220g of butter, 180g of caster sugar and 40g of brown sugar (I ran out of caster sugar!)

2) using an electric whisk, mix in 4 beaten eggs to the butter and sugar, whizz for a minute or two til combined.

3) fold in 220g of self raising flour and 2 dessert spoons of water (my mixture was still quite thick so I added a bit more water).

4) put half the mixture in a separate bowl and mix in 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate to one. To the other, add a drop of vanilla extract. I added a dessert spoon of milk to each bowl as the batters weren’t at dropping consistency.

5) spoon in alternate batters to muffin cases and cake on 180 for 25 mins.

I prefer my cupcakes without icing, so we had these naked. Scrumptious!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made an actual cake rather than muffins or cupcakes. I wasn’t sure how this was going to come out but I was very happy to see 9 friends scoffing it down! It was fudgy and delicious. I followed this recipe pretty much to the the letter but switched out maltesers for Oreos. I also used whole almonds and put them in my blender instead of ground almonds because they were a pound cheaper! 

1) make cake exactly as recipe above says!

2) centre frosting: 1/2 pot of marscapone mixed with 1 dessert spoon of icing sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla essence. Add crushed Oreos.

3) top frosting: 1 1/2 pots of marscapone, beat in 2 tbsp of icing sugar and 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. Add to too of cake and decorate with Oreos!

Can’t wait to eat more cake for breakfast. 

Here is the cake after the birthday girl destroyed it –