This was my breakfast on the first day of my solo holiday in Puerto de la Cruz, in the north of Tenerife. I say breakfast, I mean plate 1 of 4 from the buffet at the Sol Costa Atlantis hotel, which was absolutely bursting with choice I had to try everything. Quality control obvs. And yes that is a glass of rose prosecco, one has to holiday in style when you’re on your own with Harry Potter for company. I started savoury – scrambled eggs, beans, feta, turkey slices, then hit the pastries, then the doughnuts, then the churros, then sat by the pool all day because I may have over eaten slightly. Still had room for a pina colada at lunch though. Priorities.

Dinner on my first day was at a place called Restuarante la Carta and was sooo good. That pic is of the tagliatelle and mussels, with a big glass of white wine. Below was the mind-blowing dessert: chocolate fondant with vodka caramel ice cream. 

I’d got used to dining solo by the next day, and I found this adorable restaurant on a side street on TripAdvisor called Cafe Mika. I had Mediterranean cod with potatoes and bread with garlic aioli. Again a big glass of white wine and pudding of quesillo, which was delightful. Like a caramelly flan. All for €17 which I thought was barmy.

I went dolphin watching the next day and was served what tasted like ikea meatballs on the boat. Can’t complain really as I basked in the sunshine and turquoise water. For dinner the next day I went to a cliff front pizzeria called Pomodoro and had a margerita and a little bottle of Codorniu for €10. Utter bargain.

Pudding was a gelato the size of my face from a side street shop called Il Gelato Puro and set me back all of €2.50. 

To sum up, I engorged at breakfast, walked a lot, explored a lot, lapped up the vitamin D and sea air, avoided the tourists (except the 10 of us taking selfies on the sea front at sunset). Solo holibobs is where it’s at and dining alone when you’re accompanied by Harry, Hermione and Ron saving the world really isn’t that bad.