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I’d already made a delicious crispy tofu stir fry this week and needed a way to use up my leftover Cauldron tofu taking up room in the fridge. It’s so high maintenance – keep it in water and change it each day. Effort! Anyway I made these patties to have for lunch.

1) prepare the tofu: cover in kitchen roll and place between 2 chopping boards with tins on top to squeeze out all the water. Takes about 20 min.

2) in that time, peel, chop, boil and mash 2 small sweet potatoes. (I had two 1cm thick slithers of tofu leftover to give an idea of quanitity).

3) crumble the tofu into a bowl and add the sweet potato. Shake over some chill flakes (obv use fresh if you have fresh, I never do) and salt and pepper.

4) shake over some breadcrumbs and mix everything together.

5) form into 4 patties and fry, or oven bake.

Enjoy hot or cold. I had mine cold on a bed of spinach for extra crunch. Yum. They’d taste great done on a bbq and put in a bun I reckon.


I had to share this with you all because it tasted so good and was so incredibly simple. I used up almost a whole pot of tofu in last night’s stir fry and planned to have the leftovers in pitta for lunch today. They weren’t quite as crispy after a day but the flavour was fabulous.

1) grate up some carrot.

2) tuppaware up the tofu, carrot and spinach leaves.

3) heat the pitta bread in the microwave.

4) I added a bit of soy sauce to the pitta bread, but up to you!

Assemble, instagram, dive in!

I received a Cauldron voucher with my Tesco clubcard vouchers and decided to try out some tofu. I had some cracking crispy tofu at a dim sum place over in Shoreditch and thought I’d have a go at replicating it.

0.5) boil up a pan of brown rice. (1/2 cup rice to 1 cup water, boil then simmer with a lid on for 20 mins)

1) prepare the tofu how it says to in this very useful video on the Couldron website – wrap in kitchen roll and press with a board for 20 mins.

2) chop up the tofu and roll in beaten egg.

3) place some flour on a plate and mix with Chinese 5 spice and chilli flakes. Roll the eggy tofu in the mix and shallow fry.

4) chop up 1/2 red onion, 1 small carrot and a few broccoli florets.

5) remove tofu from frying pan and mop up excess oil with some kitchen roll. Add onion and carrot to the pan and fry. Add brocolli to boiling water.

6) in a bowl mix up 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1/2 tsp mince ginger, 1 small garlic glove and a shake of chill flakes.

7) put cooked rice in the pan with the onion and carrot in; add the soy sauce mix, finally add the boiled broccoli.

Pop all in a bowl and gobble it up! Yum.