Remember what I said yesterday about thinking Valentine’s Day was pants? I take it back, this was the best V-day prez ever. I’m no expert on sushi now (although I’ve learnt it means ‘sour tasting’ and sashimi means ‘raw meat’), but I’m confident I could give it a fair crack at home. The class at Yo Sushi was quite long, but very enjoyable, and to finish with the two boxes above was really satisfying.

Here are some of the tips I picked up last night:

  • wear plastic gloves and rub mayonnaise or oil into them, this stops the rice sticking to them.
  • use short grain rice, long grain like basmati will not work.
  • cover your sushi mat in cling film.
  • there’s 18g of rice in a ngiri (eg pop a bit of salmon on top and you’ve got salmon ngiri!).
  • if you’re using avacado, squirt on some mayo to stop it browning.
  • if you’re making an ‘iso’ (rice on the outside) there should be rice covering all the edges of the seaweed except a 1cm strip at the top.
  • slice sushi with a very sharp and wet knife.
  • sushi is way overpriced – learn to make your own!

I’ve got a whirlwind of ideas for what to make now I’ve got my rolling mat and basic sushi booklet, I’m planning a sushi party for my birthday so I can show off to my chums. Luckily that’s July, so I’ve got 5 months to hone my skills!