I stumbled across this recipe from the Little Green Spoon, who I adore. I had everything in the cupboard/ freezer so it was a super easy dinner. The seeds were a great change (probs healthier too) from breadcrumbs. 

1) in a blender whizz up a handful of seeds so they’re crumbly but not completely smooth. Pour into a bowl.

2) place 5-6 sun dried tomatoes and a couple of dessert spoons of their oil into the blender. Whizz til smooth.

3) place Basa fillet on foil (I use frozen fish and it worked from frozen) and spread on the sun dried tomato paste.

4) sprinkle over the whizzed seeds.

5) scrunch foil over the fish and bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees C. I opened up the foil for the last 5 min so the top went a bit more crunchy.

I served this with paprika baked sweet potato and garden peas. Easy peasy dinner.