Thank you Michael (@BeardedBakery) for nominating me to write this getting to know you blog. I love the #FDbloggers community, everyone is always ready and raring to go with great advice, cooking tips and support for my baking flops.

Name: Katy


What was the reason for starting your blog?

Christmas 2014 my mum bought me a Kenwood Multipro. I started experimenting and wanted to document everything I was doing. My blog is an online recipe book and central place for everything I can cook. It’s quite handy, if my boyfriend is coming for dinner, or my friends, I say check the blog and tell me what you fancy.

What’s the dish you’re most proud of?


I went to Glasto this year and had the most amazing butternut squash, goats cheese and spinach pie. I vowed to try make it when I got home and cleaned all the grass out my hair. I totally cheated with the pastry, (I’m a simple cook!) and I did actually have to google ‘how to chop a butternut squash’. The pie came out absolutely amazing and I was thrilled to have recreated a bit of Glastonbury magic.

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without?

Not sure if it counts as utensil but my cassis Le Crueset pan is my PRIDE AND JOY. I kiss it when it goes back in the cupboard. Seriously.

You’re stranded on a desert island, which 3 ingredients would you take?

Eggs, flour and milk. (I’m presuming I could find ripe bananas on the island). Either way, I could get my pancake fix.

Who do you take inspiration from?

Anything and everything – whether it’s the food stalls at Glastonbury, the calamari I had that one time in that Turkish restaurant near St Pauls, my boyfriend’s mum (I just cannot get Indian food as good as she does!), hours spent surfing pictures of chocolate cake on Pinterest.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

Whilst I do love Pinterest, I have a pretty serious Twitter addiction. Twitter is my fave. I talk too much in real life, so being able to chat to people via the medium of Twitter is awesome to me. So awesome in fact my former colleagues bought me this excellent coaster.

Biggest disaster in the kitchen?

I haven’t quite experienced #bakedalaskagate, but I have had plenty of baking mishaps. Like when I made my best friend toblerone brownies and forgot to put the butter in… Luckily the ‘but they’re meant to be really stodgy’ line worked…

Favourite spot for coffee?

I hate coffee. SORRY WORLD. While we’re at it, I ALSO HATE TEA. I know, I’m the crappest English person in the world. To me tea tastes like dishwater and coffee tastes like I don’t even know what. Give me a hot choc any day. Apostrophe do an INCREDIBLE hot chocolate, which is like that hot choc from the film Chocolat – basically a mug of melted chocolate. That should be the only acceptable hot drink.

Favourite photo you’ve taken?


I’m all about that taste, that taste, no photos. Sorry about that. I use my iPhone to take all my pics, so none of them are particularly incredible. My idea of fancy presentation is using my housemates square plates. I’m also desperate to eat what I’ve just made so half my photos are fuzzy where I’ve got over excited before diving in. If I had to pick, it’s my recent photo of birthday Tapas. I fed 17 and it was fabulous.

Most successful post and why?

Avocado chocolate brownies, and who knows?!

My nominations are Jay and Dee, (@jay_and_dee) and All About Eats (@allabouteatsblg).

Happy blogging!