I almost ordered a pizza last night. I refrained last minute though and instead whipped up this super fast, super cheap and super tasty pasta dish. I’ve also got leftovers for lunch today so I’d call that a success of my willpower not to succumb to a big greasy pizza!

1) boil 1/4 bag of pasta in a pan of water on the hob.

2) chop and fry a courgette with 10-12 black olives for 5 minutes.

3) drain the cooked pasta and return to the pan. Mix in 2 large dessert spoons of pesto (shop bought, sorry, if you want to make your own then use Jamie’s recipe).

4) stir in the courgette and olives. Sprinkle over crumbed feta to serve.

I should have added pine nuts but completely forgot I had them in the cupboard!