Not a great pic but it was a tasty dinner. I had quite a few leftover bits and pieces to use up including sun-dried tomatoes, 4 beef sausages and 1/3 bag of spinach. Basically I find whatever is left in the fridge always goes great in a pasta dish. This made 2 portions so I saved one for lunch the next day too.

1) boil a pan of pasta.

2) in a frying pan, cook your sausages, remove and chop up.

3) chop and fry the sun-dried tomatoes, after 3-4 mins add the spinach and stir til wilted.

4) put the chopped sausages back in the pan and fry for another minute – stir in the drained pasta and cover with a good grate of parmesan.

Satisfying and penny saving dinner in 15 mins.