I love lasagne. Some days only a beefy, cheesy, satisfying plate of food will do. I made this last night and today I ran the BUPA London 10k, so I needed a substantial dinner to get me round the course. This lasagne definitely did the job. It’s easy to make and I got 4 portions out of it which have gone in the freezer.

1) in a large pan on the hob fry 250g of mince beef til browned. Crumble over an Oxo cube and stir in.

2) add onions to the mince and cook til softened. Then add a handful of chopped mushrooms and a chopped pepper.

3) after 5 mins, add a tin of tomatoes, a squeeze of tomato puree, a grind of black pepper and a shake of dried mixed herbs. Leave on a low heat to simmer whilst you make the white sauce.

4) in a pan, melt 2 dessert spoons of butter. Once melted, remove from the heat and mix in 1 heaped dessert spoon of plain flour (creating a ‘roux’).

5) stir in 1/2 cup of milk and put back on the heat. Whisk and whisk! Add another 1/2 cup of milk and keep whisking. Depending on how much sauce you want, add a bit more milk. If it’s not thickening after a few mins sprinkle in some more flour. Grate in some cheddar cheese and continue to whisk. Once thickened, leave to one side.

6) pre heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

7) in a lasagne dish, pour in half the mince beef mixture. Place lasagne sheets on top. Then add a layer of white sauce. On top of that, add the rest of the mince mix. Add lasagne sheets. Pour over the rest of the white sauce and smooth over with the back of a spoon.

8) sprinkle over grated cheddar cheese and bake for 30 mins.

When you take it out, leave it to stand for a few minutes – this will make it easier to cut and serve! I had mine with some pitta as I wanted extra carbs, but you could have salad or veg as you fancy.

I completed the race in 1 hour 1 min and 53 seconds. Here’s my jazzy medal!