Why just have an Oreo when you could bash it up and put it in a big cookie?! I’ve made Oreo muffins before, and I made toblerone brownies last night, so I fancied doing something a bit different with my Oreos. Put them in a big cookie. I’ve just had one for breakfast (it’s Saturday, it’s allowed).

I followed this BBC food recipe for vintage cookies but adjusted it to my needs. 

1) in a large bowl cream together 150g of butter and 160g of sugar (I used golden granulated).

2) beat in 1 egg and a drop of vanilla essence.

3) soft over 225g of plain flour and 1/3 teaspoon of bicarb of soda.

4) chop up 5 Oreo cookies and add to the mixture. Stir the mixture together. It’ll be quite sticky.
5) place mixture in 3cm blobs on a lined baking sheet.

6) bake for 20 mins on 180 degrees C. (The recipe said 10, but after 10 mine were not cooked!).

Gobble up as many as you like, I won’t judge 🙂