These cupcakes were soooo good. I made them for my poorly other half, hopefully they’ll make him better. I followed this baking mad recipe but doubled it up to make 12 muffins. Also found the batter quite thick so it wasn’t so easy to marble them. Here’s what they looked like inside:

1) cream together 220g of butter, 180g of caster sugar and 40g of brown sugar (I ran out of caster sugar!)

2) using an electric whisk, mix in 4 beaten eggs to the butter and sugar, whizz for a minute or two til combined.

3) fold in 220g of self raising flour and 2 dessert spoons of water (my mixture was still quite thick so I added a bit more water).

4) put half the mixture in a separate bowl and mix in 1 tablespoon of dark chocolate to one. To the other, add a drop of vanilla extract. I added a dessert spoon of milk to each bowl as the batters weren’t at dropping consistency.

5) spoon in alternate batters to muffin cases and cake on 180 for 25 mins.

I prefer my cupcakes without icing, so we had these naked. Scrumptious!