I probably eat pancakes way too much so I’m having to make them as healthy as possible. These ones have no added salt or sugar. I added vanilla soya yoghurt for a bit of flavour and texture, so the only sugar in them is the sugar in the yoghurt. If you’d prefer absolutely no sugar then leave out the yoghurt.

1) in a bowl whisk: 1 cup semi skimmed milk, 1 egg, 1 dessert spoon of vanilla yoghurt.

2) once whisked, add 1 cup plain flour and 1 tsp baking powder. Whisk together to form a batter.

3) put a little oil in a small frying pan, add 3/4 of a ladle to the pan. Flip after 30-40 secs, transfer to a plate when they’re done or golden brown.

Serve with whatever toppings you fancy, I went for juicy blueberries.