In honour of National Pie Week I made this scrummy filo pie. Or is it a tart? Who knows. Either way, it was so good I may have scoffed half of it to myself for dinner last night. It’s based on this recipe, I added broccoli to pad it out a bit, and to use up my broccoli 

1) boil up 4-5 florets of broccoli and set aside.

2) put a bag of spinach in a colander in the sink and pour over a freshly boiled kettle of water. Once wilted, run cold water over it. Then squeeze out the water with your hands and transfer to a bowl.

3) add to the bowl: 1/2 block of crumbled feta, 1 whisked egg, 1 clove of minced garlic, and the broccoli. Mix it all up.

4) lay 4-6 sheets of filo pastry (ready made) in a Pyrex dish and pile the spinach mixture on top. Fold in and scrunch the pastry.

5) melt some butter in a pan and brush any bits of pastry on show with melted butter.

6) sprinkle over pine nuts.

7) oven at 180 degrees c for 20-25 mins until pastry is golden brown.

I served mine with roasted sweet potato. I’ve got the leftovers for lunch today 🙂