I’d already made a delicious crispy tofu stir fry this week and needed a way to use up my leftover Cauldron tofu taking up room in the fridge. It’s so high maintenance – keep it in water and change it each day. Effort! Anyway I made these patties to have for lunch.

1) prepare the tofu: cover in kitchen roll and place between 2 chopping boards with tins on top to squeeze out all the water. Takes about 20 min.

2) in that time, peel, chop, boil and mash 2 small sweet potatoes. (I had two 1cm thick slithers of tofu leftover to give an idea of quanitity).

3) crumble the tofu into a bowl and add the sweet potato. Shake over some chill flakes (obv use fresh if you have fresh, I never do) and salt and pepper.

4) shake over some breadcrumbs and mix everything together.

5) form into 4 patties and fry, or oven bake.

Enjoy hot or cold. I had mine cold on a bed of spinach for extra crunch. Yum. They’d taste great done on a bbq and put in a bun I reckon.