Best breakfast I’ve had in ages. Thanks to a tweet from BBC Food for inspiring me to make a rosti. They were so good!!

1) grate a potato (I kept skin on but peel if you want) and squeeze out all the excess moisture.

2) add a grind of black pepper to the grated potato.

3) melt a blob of butter in a frying pan. Separate the grated potato into two lumps and place individually into the pan.

4) push down on the rosti with a fish slice and push the edges back to form a pattie – it’s easier to do this in the pan as otherwise all the potato just sticks to your fingers.

5) keep patting down the patties and flip over after 3/4 mins.

6) serve with a poached egg – I did mine in the water vortex thing, amazingly it worked!

7) marinara sauce was leftover from my cannelloni on Friday, I just microwaved it for 2 mins.