I wanted coronation chicken but didn’t have all the ingredients. Then thought, hang about, I’ve got half a pot of low fat Greek yog left and some curry powder. It totally worked, and tasted amazing. Another cheap and tasty lunch!

1) bake a chicken breast in the oven. Naked. With nothing except a foil covering so it doesn’t go dry.

2) once it’s cooked and cooled, pop in the fridge then dice when properly cool.

3) in a bowl, mix up 2 tsbp of low fat Greek yog with 2 tsbp of curry powder (I used mild), a shake of salt and black pepper and stir.

4) add chicken chunks to mixture and stir. Pop in a tuppaware and your done.

5) assemble pitta breads at work so they don’t go soggy. I put spinach in mine for extra crunch.

Pretty darned healthy I’d say!