Saw a recipe on Pinterest somewhere, not sure where. Anyways I just went the flow and created this!

0.5) for the sweet potato fries: Peel and chop a sweet potato, drizzle with olive oil, black pepper and salt. Oven at 190 for 35 mins.

1) par boil cauliflower for 3/4 mins. Drain and roll in cold water to cool it down.

2) roll cauliflower in a beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Shallow fry for 3/4 mins. It’s done super quickly!

3) toast or grill a pitta bread and assemble the pockets with raw spinach, sweetcorn and the cauliflower.

4) for the feta dip: mash up some feta with a spoonful of low fat yogurt, plus some dried mixed herbs and a small minced garlic glove.

Gobble up!