I’m getting this food prep thing down. I’ve got a crazy busy weeking, home late 4/5 days so needed a go to lunch which was filling, tasty and would last a couple of days. Enter: leeky, cheesy,creamy, pasta goodness.

1) Boil pasta for 10 min.

2) Melt a small knob of butter in a pan and sweat leeks with lid on for 5 min.

3) Remove leeks from pan and add 2 big spoons of butter.

4) Melt butter, add 1 big spoon of flour and form a ‘roux’. Add milk slowly whilst on a medium heat and whisk like mad.

5) Chuck in a big handful of grated cheddar. (Cathedral City ftw).

6) Mix together leeks and pasta in the cheesy sauce.

Transfer to tuppawares (or a thermos flask in my case cuz I’ve lost all my tuppaware at work), and enjoy from the microwave to your colleagues saying ‘oooh that smells great’. Then I showed (not shared, lol) them my blueberry muffins and now I am a food prepping baking god.