It’s been years since I made a cottage pie. Followed the Hairy Bikers recipe vaguely although didn’t have a tin of tomatoes so went without and put more veg in and it tasted scrummy.

1) peel and chop potato, boil for 10 min, add chopped cauliflower at the last min.

2) sauté some chopped leeks with a tiddly bit of butter and leave to one side once soft.

3) brown the mince and add onion, after a 5 mins add diced carrots and peas. After 5 min add beef stock.

4) drain cauliflower and potatoes, mash together with some butter and stir in the leeks.

5) put mince mixture in a dish and spoon potato mixture on top.

6) oven for 20 mins.

Eat a healthy size portion and then go back for more.