Variation from my last post on pitta pockets, these are even easier to make. I do the assembly of the pitta pocket at work and bring the filling in tuppaware pots, otherwise the bread goes soggy. No one likes soggy pitta.

1) chop up half a pepper (I used orange), drizzle olive oil and black pepper, place in a baking tray.

2) chop up 1 chicken breast, drizzle with olive oil and dried herbs, mince a garlic clove and rub it all in with your hands.

3) put chicken in same baking tray but cover that half with foil to keep it moist.

4) chuck in the oven for half hour on 200 degrees c.

5) wait for it to cool, take to work, add rocket and sweetcorn for a crunch.

Assemble in the kitchen whilst looking smug with your pretty tuppaware and fancy looking bargain delicious lunch.