I wish quinoa wasn’t so middle class. It’s weird that it has that rep since it’s not that expensive, a little goes a long way and it’s super tasty and versatile.

1) Cook quinoa according to packet instructions.

1.5) Drizzle olive oil onto tuna steaks, crush a garlic clove and sprinkle rosemary over the fish. Leave to marinate.

2) Cook vine tomatoes in a pan with olive oil, medium heat for 5 and then low for 15 mins. Add fresh or dried basil towards the end.

3) Saute spinach and crumble in some feta. Mix together with quinoa, add a spoonful of flour and form into patties. Fry for 4-5 mins either side.

4) Cook tuna in a griddle pan for 4 mins or so either side.

5) Serve with green veg or whatever you fancy.