An experiment that worked! Seen these recipes around for homemade pot noodle so thought I’d follow it vaguely and see what happened. Best lunch I’ve had in forever!

1) par boil some thin egg noodles (literally 1 min), place in bottom of tuppaware.

2) make a paste of ginger, soy sauce, chilli flakes and minced garlic (all from store cupboard! win). Spoon on top of noodles.

3) fry up some spring onion, mushrooms and pak choi with soy sauce and chilli.

4) place on top of paste and noodles.

5) spoon on coconut milk.

6) pop on lid and take to work.

7) try your hardest to wait til 12pm then add boiling water to the pot. Put lid on and wait 2 mins. Holy moly. Noodle soup that tastes better than Itsu!