AKA whatever was left in the fridge… WITH AN EGG ON TOP = winning at life.

1) Fry chicken with cayenne pepper, paprika and jerk seasoning. Add chorizo, onions and spinach.

2) Soft boil an egg, chuck it in cold water, peel off shell.

3) Cook rice the magic Katy way –  1/2 mug of rice, 1 mug of boiling water. Bring the boil in a pan, cook for 1 min, turn to simmer and whack a lid on. 10 mins later, perfect rice.

4) Mix chicken, chorizo and veg with rice, season with black pepper. Stick boiled egg on top.

5) Serve with boiled brocolli.

Bob’s your uncle. Or Ian. Ian is actually my uncle. IMHO not enough people are called Ian any more.